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Building Security

Building Access

Create a safe environment for your employees and customers by securing all buildings, campuses, and parking structures with one of our versatile intercom systems. In addition to entry security, AiPhone intercoms can provide internal communication and paging notifications where desired.

For ease and security in building access, we offer the Isonas patented PowerNet™ reader-controller. It provides the first “pure IP” to the door solution that eliminates the need for a separate power supply, control panel and dedicated hard wiring, decreasing your TCO and increasing flexibility.


JM Series

Building Access

The JM Series features a 7” touchscreen for system navigation, door release, and viewing visitors on the large display. Hands-free and handset communication is featured on all inside stations and picture memory records images onto an SD/SDHC card. The JM Series supports up to 8 inside stations for internal communication and 4 door stations. The JM Series will be replaced by the JP Series, effective January 1st, 2015.


Building Access

External paging can be added to many Aiphone systems. Click on Specifications below to find out what paging adaptor is needed to add paging for each system.


  • Emergency alerts with voice activation
  • Broadcast announcements
  • Locate personnel
  • Broadcast to noisy environments where louder amplification is needed


PowerNet IP Reader-Controller

Building Access

The industry’s first panel-free IP reader controller to deliver true Power Over Ethernet, our PowerNet Reader provides the freedom to secure an unlimited number of doors without the hassle of having to wire panels or hubs.

EasyWeb 2015 Software

Building Access

Manage your entire access control system from anywhere at anytime. The ISONAS EasyWeb 2015 browser-based software package allows you to manage your credentials and monitor your access points in real time.

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