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Hosted VOIP in Phoenix

If you are a looking for Hosted VOIP in Phoenix, look no further. Secure Cloud Solutions has served small business since 2009. We choose to focus on the small business market for two main reasons: we enjoy it most, and it’s what we do best. Most small business owners say that cost, features, and support are the main factors they consider when choosing a phone system. We consider ourselves top in all three areas.

We built our platform, and we price our hosted seats with your bottom line in mind. Take a look at our pricing and feature table below and you’ll see that we are the clear industry leader when it comes to price and features. And we pride ourselves on our friendly domestic support staff. Take a look below, and when you’re ready, call us or request a quote online.

Hosted VoIP in Phoenix


Each IP phone, or “seat,” includes it’s own dedicated domestic number, unlimited inbound and outbound usage, in/out through email, User Control Panel, and a set of enterprise-class features that give you full control over your telecommunications. Compare prices at Ringcentral, Vonage.

Hosted VoIP in Phoenix


Hosted VoIP for in Phoenix
Whether you are a heavy fax user, or just need to send and receive an occasional document, our service is easy to use and reliable. Best of all every “seat” comes with a free eFax account. We offer our service on a full-featured fax server, something the competition cannot say. Get a quote today and see how we can help lower your company’s telecom expenses with our Hosted VOIP and eFax solution.
Hosted VoIP in phoenix

Customer Support

Our customer service philosophy is based on three simple principles. We promise to always do our best to make things right for you, we promise to be available when you need us, and we promise to provide you with support representatives that know our services, so that when you have questions or need to make changes, your requests are handled with speed and accuracy.

Hosted VoIP in Phoenix

The customer is always right

It’s the first rule of business. It’s an attitude of service. It means that when you have a request, we do our very best to exceed your expectations.

hosted VoIP in Phoenix

Support should be available 24/7

Our customer support is based in Phoenix, AZ. We promise to always have a support tech available for any needs related to your service.

Hosted VoIP in Phoenix

Support should be professional and knowledgeable

We train our support reps to be knowledgeable and proficient with all our services. We view every support case as an opportunity to renew your trust in our company. We sincerely want to serve you!

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